Builds Useful Apps for Your Happy Life

Ecomlogy Inc.

The mission of Ecomlogy Inc. is to combine the information technology with human sciences for building applications and services that help people acquire a smart, happy and balanced life.

How can we do that?

Our philosophy is simple: "Prevention is better than cure." We build apps that help human-beings perform the good things and prevent them from doing the bad things for themselves and other people.

Currently, we focus on two fundamental disciplines: improving people's decision making skill and their well-being. To have a happy life, people should avoid making bad decisions in their life and also practice physical exercise everyday to maintain a good physical health and mental health.

For that reason, our flagship apps are Decision Ulity and Workout Ulity associated with the discussion board

Decision Ulity is a Unified Utility for Decisions that helps users Know how, what and why to Choose the best alternatives for any issue on any topic and avoid making bad decisions.

Workout Ulity - a Unified Utility for workout - helps users track their progress of any workout and sport activities such as bodybuilding, cycling, cross-trainer exercise, jogging, golf playing, swimming, and so on. is a friendly and respectful discussion board where users can ask each other for good and up-to-date advice about decision making and workout activities.

Please click here to download Decision Ulity and Workout Ulity.